Metropole Hanoi's Legendary Mooncakes15.07.2016

Hanoi (15 July 2016) – To celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn festival, Hotel Metropole Hanoi is launching its legendary mooncake collection at L’Epicerie du Metropole from 10 August to 15 September.

One of the most colourful times of the year, Mid-Autumn Festival or Tet Trung Thu is celebrated throughout the eighth lunar month, and in particular at the first full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This year the date is 15 September.

In recent years, moon cake filling has veered from the traditional, and truly exotic ingredients have been introduced. In addition to traditional mixes, Hotel Metropole Hanoi has created new flavours: green bean and dry apricot, salted egg, lotus with young rice, red bean and mango, caramel with dry fig and candied orange, black sesame and coconut, chocolate and cookies crumble.

All Metropole mooncakes are preservative free and hand-baked by Executive Sous Chef Nguyen Thanh Van and her team from authentic recipes and infused with the Metropole’s gourmet touch.

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated as a lunar harvest celebration in the Red River Delta, when farmers rested and entertained themselves at the end of the agricultural season. In Vietnam, it has now become known as a special event for children, so many people also call it the Children’s Festival (Tết Thiếu Nhi).

Together with fairytales, plentiful fruits and cheerful dragon dances, mooncakes are a feature of this hilarious occasion. Some cakes are round and white, and called white cakes; others are square and golden brown, and called baked cakes. Specially, some cakes are formed in the shape of a carp. Traditionally, the carp represents the soul of the moon. Mooncakes are unleavened and originally filled with lotus seeds, orange peel, ground beans, egg and pork fat for flavour.

The Metropole’s mooncakes are available for sale at L’Epicerie du Metropole from 10 August to 15 September during the hours of 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, daily.
For PRESS RELEASE reservations, please contact Ms. Hang – L’Epicerie Manager at 3 8 266 919 (extension 8702).

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