Metropole Home Delivery Experience

Immerse yourself in a gourmet dining experience at home and savor secret recipes carefully handcrafted by our legendary culinary team. Add a dash of luxury to your meals at home with an exquisite selection of the Metropole signatures, elevated by an impressive wine selection as well as our personalized service.


Showcasing unique recipes by our top-notch culinary team, our decadent takeaway menu captures the all time favorites at Le Beaulieu, Le Club Bar, angelina and Spices Garden. Whether you are looking for French cuisine, Vietnamese selection or innovative comfort food, we will bring it to you upon your doorstep!


With our Chefs’ heating tips, you are able to ensure the Metropole standards experienced right in the cozy ambiance of your home!


Place your orders for home delivery via the Hotel Call Center at +84 24 38266919 or email or click the below link.


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