The 5 bars and pubs for the best whisky experiences in Hanoi

Something good is brewing for whisky lovers, lone drinkers, night owls of Hanoi. Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Tennessee, Canadian, Japanese,… Neat, on the rocks,… You name it, these places got it, with an addition of superb services, atmosphere and decor. Here are 5 whisky bar and pubs that will unquestionably mark your nights.


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Longer Than a Summer

The 371 bar

Red River Tea Room

1. angelina



angelina bar revolves around whisky, with its name wittingly referring to the term ‘Angel’s Share’ of the whisky aging process. This vibrant bar of Metropole successfully pays tribute to the origin of whisky not only by the embellishment with bold and daring colours of Scottish highlands and countrysides, but also by the selection of rare and vintage bottles of Scotch.

Being Hanoi’s upscale bespoke bar – whisky lounge – restaurant, angelina offers exclusive activities and services that are bound to leave an impression, from a dedicated whisky lounge that takes you back to the posh and sophisticated 1920s smoking rooms, to ‘The Connoisseur Club’ service includes personalized whisky lockers that is nowhere else to be seen.

Location: 56B Ly Thai To, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


2. Tadioto



Tadioto is the bar-cafe cum sushi counter among the children of writer/journalist/raconteur Nguyen Qui Duc. He has expertly curated Tadioto into a hub of artistic community where creatives come gathering and contemplating the world… in between bottles of whiskies. The dim lit candlelights, the edgy decors of hand-crafted lamps and chairs among many other artsy pieces have created a unique and original venue in the heart of Hanoi. The atmosphere cannot be replicated, but it might bring us back to the Murakami world of jazz, whisky, culture and art, with the subtle hint of New York, Marrakech and Tokyo.

Location: 24B Tong Dan, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


3. Longer Than a Summer



Longer Than a Summer is a Hanoi’s well-kept secret. Longer Than a Summer describes itself as “a social club of anti-socials”, and runs as a speakeasy bar with no more than 15 seats, no advertisements but a selection of whiskies and non-popular, crafted-to-taste cocktails. The bar is defined by the character of its owner, with a small, intimate setting; collections of vinyl displaying (and playing, of course); and personalized drinks, but whisky remains to be the favorite. The owners cum bartenders fully express themselves on the bar’s Facebook page, and this is where it would be contacted for a reservation or the location of the bar.

Location: C0ntact Facebook page for reservations


4. The 371 bar



The 371 bar is famous for its single-malt Scotch whisky collection and the laid-back atmosphere. The first floor is fairly small and intimate with warm lighting that encourages conversations, while there are more tables and sofas upstairs for privacy or those who come in large groups. It is advised to sit at the bar accompanied by the owner Lee Kirby, and you might end up with the right bottle of Scotch.

Location: 42B Bat Dan, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi


5. Red River Tea Room



Red River Tea Room is a warm, quiet and friendly hub offering a great selection of unusual whiskies, wines and craft beers. Nestled in the windy and bustling Tay Ho area, the spot has an outdoor patio and an inviting atmosphere that is also home to the friendliest dogs. The extensive drinks menu, when accompanied by the peaceful back garden, makes Red River Tea Room become an institution for hangouts in this side of the city.

Location: 176 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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