Le Club Bar: The Place To Be To Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Hanoi

Wandering around Hanoi, it is not too difficult for people to find a place to enjoy afternoon tea. But to fully experience the quintessential tea ritual properly in a sophisticated yet tranquil ambiance, it is best to come and visit Le Club Bar – the legendary venue of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi famous for its dazzling soirées and afternoon indulgence.


There is more to Le Club Bar than meets the eyes. This legendary cocktail lounge used to be the former Metropole Hall where hosted the first gala meeting of the Nouvelle Entreprise Cinématographique and played the first movie ever shown in Indochina in 1916. Today, Le Club Bar is now the place-to-be for all-day French brasserie dining and for exquisite Afternoon Tea, an indulgence one cannot resist.



Indeed, Afternoon Tea has been cherished by locals and travellers alike since the days of Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, when she found the wait between lunch and dinner to be too long. In the present time at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Le Club Bar is the sought-after venue when it comes to this unforgettable Afternoon Tea Indulgence.


Situated near the renowned French restaurant Le Beaulieu and the polished restaurant, cocktail bar and whisky lounge named angelina, come and experience the quintessential Afternoon Tea in Hanoi, at the acclaimed Le Club Bar where the well-loved British tea ritual meets a modern twist.


Everyday from 3 to 5.30pm, Le Club Bar opens up a world of extravagant treats, from the finest tea selection to the gourmet delights. Accompanying the slow sips of hot tea are the freshly-baked scones, house-made macarons and madeleines, as well as the delectable finger sandwiches. Nothing tops a place where you can indulge both your sweet tooth and savory cravings, while letting your senses re-awaken with the scent of Vietnamese lotus, herbal infusions and artisan teas.


At Le Club Bar, Chocolate is another Indulgence and is definitely a forte. Éclairs, mille-feuille, praliné, chocolate fondue and macarons…, here you will find every imaginable kind of French pâtisseries in all sizes and shapes. The Metropole Ganache, made from locally-grown Vietnamese cocoa beans, is bound to make the finest grade chocolate couverture . As its chocolate library is inspired by the offerings at Angelina Salon de Thé – the favorite meeting place of Parisian gourmets in the 1900s, Le Club will take you to the homeland of scrumptious French pastry and decadent chocolate delight.



While Le Beaulieu is your go-to French restaurant in Hanoi, and angelina for exclusive whisky experiences, bespoke cocktails and high-end comfort food, Le Club Bar is the beloved venue for all-day gatherings and evening catch-ups, with an addition of Hanoi’s most popular Afternoon Indulgence High Tea.


But the classy lounge room in its tranquil 1920’s French – Indochina ambiance is not the only site where you can savour your afternoon tea. There is another surprise waiting for you at the other end of Le Club. The glass conservatory L’Orangerie overlooking the Metropole hotel’s lush garden, will further the experience and make it one-of-a-kind. Enjoying your cup of tea here at Le Club Bar is the true definition of a day well-spent in Hanoi.


Location: 15 Ngo Quyen, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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