Love is in the air at Metropole for Valentine’s Day09.02.2018

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? No sooner have social engagements for Christmas and New Year’s been completed, another celebration is already gearing up – Valentine’s Day.


Perhaps you shy away from the sight of a pair of chocolate bears kissing, or a myriad of other items covered with red hearts filling shop windows. So many of these items represent this popular holiday whether it’s a single red rose heralding the simple “I love you” message, or an unsigned card that leaves you guessing who your secret admirer is.


Many legends and myths surround the celebration of this day. Most agree the name came from St. Valentine who, contrary to all decrees forbidding marriage, carried out secret weddings for young lovers. He was put to death and became a martyr for refusing to stop marrying couples. The day he died, 14 February 269 AD, became a day of remembrance for him and he became known as the patron saint of lovers.


Here in Vietnam, this largely European custom has been celebrated among young generations for many years. On 14 February, young couples celebrate their love with an exchange of gifts, and even a candle lit dinner. Although there isn’t a specific culinary tradition for Valentine’s Day, some restaurants make up their own special menus. This year, the Metropole chefs will serve up their most romantic menus on this romantic holiday.


Come and join us with your loved one this Valentine’s Day at Le Beaulieu Restaurant with price 1,950,000++/person. The 6-course dinner includes epicurean dishes like Canadian lobster variation as well as foie gras duo, Australian beef tenderloin or champagne sorbet.


For reservations, please contact the hotel at or (+84) 24 38266919 ext 8200.

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